SDG: 17

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today

Gustavs Mārtiņš Upmanis
Growing up in Riga, Gustavs knew he wanted to have his own great international experience. Given this, Gustavs went for higher education in the Netherlands and Canada. He ended up with a Masters degree in Business management. He then continued his personal and professional development, and when he finally had enough experience to pack his belongings and come me back to Latvia he became the owner of two enterprises. He did this at the age of 24 and now continues to work and spread his ideas internationally.


Visas Iespējas is a website that helps youths in Latvia to find information about experiences, events, adventures and vacancies. It builds on the idea of “one website for all,” and it gathers information about everything from local events to international adventures. All of the content is directly tailored to match the interest of young Latvians. Additionally, the website connects them with a variety of local NGOs and potential employers. In sum, the website is easy, understandable and accessible to anyone!

Impact story

One day there was a nice event in a small youth center in a town near the Latvian coastline. The ambition was to bring a handful of local youngsters together, however, their plans were turned upside down once a bus full of youths arrived at the venue. The organizers of the event were shocked: “How in the world did they managed to such a small and local event?” Especially since the youths were from another municipality. The organizers quickly found out that the youths found information about the event through This event is one example of many where Visas Iespējas bring youths closer to local events and happenings through simple and clear communication – information that is accessible for everyone, no matter where you are.
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