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I don’t believe in the individual fight against illness. I believe in the common pursuit of health!

Annso Blixt
I think that the world often sees situations as black or white, this or that. However, nothing is just either healthy or sick, but often everything in between. A milestone in my life has been when I started as a volunteer. I was given room to work in a way that I believe in, in the meeting with the young people I met, I felt strongly that this was my place. But, in all the conversations I had, the youths made it clear that something was missing in society. What was missing was what later became Tilia.


Tilia is a non-profit organization that works for youth’s mental health. Tilia was founded to offer a place where you can be supported if you need someone who listens to you, even if you don´t need help from healthcare. In Sweden, at the time when Tilia started 2012, there was a lack of places where youths could turn to – regardless of their gender identity and age. Especially, there was a lack of places that were open when one really needed it – that is, during weekends and holidays.

Impact story

I was a lost soul. Afraid of everything – life, myself and all of my surroundings. I was little, scared and very unsure, and I did not trust anyone. I hated myself and did not understand how other people could even want to be close to me. I did not know if I wanted to live, but what I knew was that I did not want to live like I did.
During New Year's Eve with Tilia I was listened to for several hours without judging comments or looking. One person took the time to listen to me, and that conversation would be the beginning of what I am today. Thanks to logic - that is, respect, love and genuine listening from fellow human beings, mine and many others' broken souls have begun to heal. /Hanna
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