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It takes so little to make a big difference to others

Sanna Rasmussen
Familiestøtten | The Family Support
Family support began as a local initiative in Køge, started by Sanna Rasmussen, in October 2013. The idea for Family Support came about after years of experience with families from vulnerable areas, and an insight into the negative impact it can have on children growing up in a poor family. Initially, Sanna herself collected a lot of clothes she distributed to the vulnerable families, but after many long hours of work, the idea for the direct connection between the families arose.


Family support helps financially disadvantaged families by matching them with resource-rich families. The resourceful families donate clothes and toys ongoing to the vulnerable family and are matched to have same-sex children but a few years older. Therefore, there will always be age-appropriate clothing and toys to inherit, for the vulnerable family.

Impact story

Aicha is 4 years old and lives with her mother and big brother. Aicha's mother Karina is alone with both children and Aicha has never seen her father.
In 2014, the small family was involved in a car accident that gave Karina physical disability, so she could no longer take care of her job.
Karina signed up for the Family Support because she needed a helping hand. The economy was really tight for the small family, and Karina often felt that she could not give her children what they needed.
Now Aicha often receives clothes. Clothes that she can fit and that she thinks are cool to wear in kindergarten. She's got a lot of dresses that she loves, and even a t-shirt with My Little Pony.
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