SDG: 4

Rolling rock doesn't gather moss

Jekabs Dambergs
For several years Jekabs was living two lives - during the day he was working in financial field in multinational corporations and startups, while during evening he was performing improv in bars and theatre. For a while these two lives were seen as separate and didn't interfere with one another. Until he recognized that there are a lot of soft skills that he has gained from improv, that have helped him in his career and personal growth. So he combined his both lives to help people.


Using applied improv methodology Jekabs is leading practical workshops for children, to teach them soft skills that are necessary for self-expression and collaboration with others. Especially for children with bad social backgrounds, a lot of social skills are unfamiliar, such as - empathy, building self-esteem, expressing oneself, communication, teamwork, stepping out of comfort zone and other skills. Improv helps them to open-up and learn in non-formal, fun and supportive environment.

Impact story

Leading improv workshops for youth organization, that organizes activities for children age 12-17, who are under supervision of social care institution, increased children attendance for the youth center, improved interaction between group members and reduced number of internal conflicts.
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