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The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing

Alexander Gram Jensen & Anders Bredgaard Thuesen
Anders and Alexander met each other in secondary school and ended up developing websites and apps for different companies. Anders has always been an excellent programmer and Alexander enjoyed the business side of the company. They therefore made a good match. As they started to get tired of developing solutions for others, they decided to start SubReader, because Alexander's brother is dyslexic.


SubReader helps dyslexics to get subtitles read aloud when watching movies. It works through the app called SubReader, and gives access to spoken subtitles in the cinema, on your favourite streaming services and on educational movies in school. With SubReader dyslexics and reading impaired people can watch movies on the same term as everyone else.

Impact story

SubReader was started due to Alexander's brother, who has dyslexia. For a long time their mom has been reading the subtitles aloud for him and the rest of the family. This meant they didn't see as many movies anymore, so Alexander thought that he could develop a solution together with Anders, to help his brother.
Today SubReader is present in more than 70 cinemas around Denmark and has helped more than 30.000 dyslexics with participating in movie evenings on the same terms as everyone else.
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