SDG: 4

We learn together, enabling young people to find their way in the education system

Ingebjørg Meland
Young (Ung) Invest AIB
YoungInvest AIB’s development journey with high expectations based on Appreciative Inquiry (AI) has going on continuously since 2005. The work began with the development of the educational policy for training. The enthusiasm in the organization has increased. It hasn’t been like a positive line straight to heaven. We have had our ups and “small” downs. But our experience is most of all happier and prouder people, more laughter and friendly supporting focusing on best case.


YoungInvest AIB is a county municipal, practice-oriented and strength-based training offer for young people aged 16-24. The aim is to recruit and retain young people in upper-secondary education. The program contributes to higher completion rates, improved learning outcomes and young people becoming active members of society with jobs and meaningful lives.

Impact story

UngInvest AIB was one of the projects included in a socioeconomic analysis conducted by the international certification and classification body DNV GL in the period 2013-14. The analysis showed that for each krone of public money that goes into YoungInvest AIB, Norwegian society gets five kroner back. The analysis showed a significant development in social and psychological capital among the young people who have been students with UngInvest AIB.
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