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All kids want to succeed - our job is to find out what gets in their way

Elin Wernquist & Ida Hellrup
Brought up in Norrland, both Elin and Ida became politically aware and engaged in their early teens. It was their passion for children’s rights that brought them together, Elin from her work with vulnerable kids in London and Ida from her role as legal advisor at Ecpat. They could see that there was a gap in the Swedish safety net for children – an independent body where children themselves could get rights-based support and advice. So they founded Barnrättsbyrån.


The Children’s Rights Bureau (Barnrättsbyrån) fights for children and young people – to ensure their voices are heard and their human rights are upheld. We offer support, advice and practical assistance in Stockholm and Umeå – for all matters concerning the rights of children and young people.

Impact story

Nuomi was 15 years old when she first contacted Barnrättsbyrån. She was living with her mother and little sister at a hostel, as they were homeless. They had been told by social services they had to move out, that they would no longer help them. Nuomi was so worried and anxious, unable to sleep at night.
”I had a hard time focusing on school and my life when I had to take care of all the contacts with social services and looking for places to live. Barnrättsbyrån helped me take that responsibility off my shoulders. Everything is not solved now, but I don’t have to worry about our family ending up on the streets. When we talked to social services together, they listened.”
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