SDG: 13

Because my past is different, it does not mean I am lost

Qais Nqeiti
My name is Qais and I am a seventeen-year-old boy. I was born in Palestine and raised in Norway. Already at a young age I had a lot of interests in shares, sales and the environment. At the age of thirteen I worked with sales and was one of the best sellers. After a while I switched position, from working with sales to working in "Oslo local authority" which is "Rusken". It is a municipal measure in Oslo which is created to keep the environment clean.


Jalla is a brand-new recycling project run by 6 young persons in Oslo, Norway. Young people are employed part-time to collect and take away garbage and other leftover material from festivals, housing associations and private homes, by using electric bikes. The youth enterprise's goal is to work towards a healthier and more sustainable environment, as well as to help young people from different backgrounds to get into work.

Impact story

We at Jalla Miljø are aiming for a greener future by using us and the future generation to establish an impactful relationship. We want to show the world the importance of the environment by implementing and giving you, and your workplace a different insight into how recycling works and recycling waste. Our cause can affect the young people's paths in life by getting a workplace, earning their own money whilst at the same time getting training on how important it is to care for their environment.
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