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Vincentas Vienožinskis & Rūta Jakštaitė & Michail Vereško
Vincent is a programmer, dad, technical creator and artist. Ruth is an architect and designer. Michail is a former database administrator who has left the job and is currently a freelance technical developer. Vincent’s idea was to create Makerspace in Vilnius, and Ruth and Mikhail quickly joined to develop the project with him. However, it should be added that the project is being developed by the entire Counterfeiter community. We all contribute to the decision-making process and everyone is involved in the gatherings.


Our goal is to create and develop publicly accessible workshops, giving people access to the necessary equipment and tools. "Counterfeiters" (“Padirbtuvės”) is an open workshop that has already worked for six years. People gather here to master, repair, make new things, realize their ideas by sharing tools. In addition, new acquaintances are being made when people are gathered together and share their experiences.

Impact story

About 250 members have been active in the "Counterfeiters" (“Padirbtuvės”) during the organization’s six years of operation. All of them have learned new things and implemented their ideas. We currently have about 40 members, but new people are constantly joining. We also organized a number of workshops – e.g. screen printing, woodworking, and electronics.
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