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Creativity is trust in advance

Monika Katkutė-Gelžinė
Bit & Byte
Monika is the founder of Creative Technology Academy Bit&Byte in Lithuania. Her aim is to raise and nurture curious generations of creative technologists, by actively involving the best tech people, companies and government institutions. Being a mother of three, Monika believes that technology literacy is a hygiene of today’s world and by merging it with creativity, future generations will become not only technology consumers, but most importantly – creators.


Bit&Byte is a creative technology academy where kids, teachers and technology professionals meet to deconstruct technology and creativity. In weekly classes, 7-12 year-olds as well as primary school teachers work with technology professionals that use their tech industry knowledge to mentor the participants through programming concepts, virtual and augmented reality, 3D modelling opportunities, apps and so on.

Impact story

Since 2014, Bit&Byte’s weekly classes together with various social initiatives have already reached over 20 000 kids and engaged more than 500 tech professionals as mentors across Lithuania.
In 2019, Bit&Byte got sponsorship to create, establish and run mentorship program “Teachers Lead Tech”. It’s aim is to empower primary school teachers’ technology confidence, provide them with tools and content to lead creative technology classes as well as help them develop needed skills. The aim is to reach 1000 primary school teachers (and through them – 20 000 kids) by mid-2020 and then continue applying the program worldwide.
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