SDG: 3

Disease - it is a process of becoming stronger

Rasmus Thøger Christensen
Rasmus Thøger Christensen was diagnosed with childhood cancer in the early teenage years. Based on his personal experiences, his background as a medical doctor, and his volunteer engagement in projects aimed at seriously ill children, Rasmus is the driving force behind LIVSKRAFT that is aiming to take rehabilitation of seriously ill children and their relatives to a new level.


LIVSKRAFT is rehabilitating seriously ill children and their relatives. Based on the Cool Camp Concept and related mentor programs, LIVSKRAFT is providing relevant tools and coping mechanisms that will not only alleviate the negative aspects of being sick but also focus on the strengths that can grow from the hardship. In other words, LIVSKRAFT is aiming to change the narrative of being sick in order to ensure a high quality of life among sick children and their relatives.

Impact story

“Lack of confidence and independence – those are the exact same problems as our daughter has been facing after being diagnosed with cancer. Therefore, we have had great expectations to Cool Camp and that the camp could help her come back to an ordinary teenage life.
Upon arrival at Cool Camp, the atmosphere was fantastic. Lots of cheerful and engaged young people made our daughter feel welcome. They were ready to help!
Cool Camp has given our daughter a lot of self-esteem – she smiles and she is happy, and we feel that she is more secure about herself. It has been amazing to be around our daughter after Cool Camp. And knowing that she is now able to be around her peers is just fantastic.
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