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Marius Čiuželis
After spending 20 years in finance advising HNWIs on their personal wealth management, I found much more meaning, satisfaction and even passion in social entrepreneurship. My focus is on elderly people, and the ambition of my foundation – the MC Charitable Foundation – is to become the center of origination, development and financing for social innovations that aims to support the most vulnerable groups of our society.


Silver Line (Sidabrinė linija) is our solution to fight loneliness and isolation of the 500,000 large population of elderly people in Lithuania: it offers regular befriending calls; protects and support those who are suffering of abuse and neglect. Additionally, it provides information, friendship and advice; clearing the air for good mood and better health. Ultimately, it empowers elderly people to overcome difficulties.

Impact story

We currently assist more than 1600 elderly people with the help of almost 300 volunteers in the ages of 18 to 87. All municipalities are currently covered and the ambition is to further increase our reach. Since the beginning of our activities we have had more than 15,000 befriending calls amounting to more than 400,000 minutes. These numbers are our measure of decreased loneliness. As one of our callers said: "when you share your joy, it doubles, when you share your sorrow, it shrinks in half. We are so grateful to Sidabrinė Linija for their understanding of what elders really need".
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