SDG: 4

Experiment, learn, fail, repeat. And let the children do the same

Valda Malceniene
Cēsu Jaunā pamatskola
In the autumn of 2012, a group of parents in Cēsis came together to start an association to create a school because they wanted a competitive and up-to-date pre-school and primary education for their children. In September 2013, “Cēsis New School” started its first school year with 9 students and 3 teachers. Today there are 130 children enrolled at the school and it is run by a strong and professional management team that helps students get the knowledge and skills necessary in the 21st century.


The school is solving the problem of access to quality education using alternative methods and adjusting environment to be accessible to any child regardless of his/her abilities, needs or personal characteristics, so that everyone is supported to achieve their highest possible result. The school continues to educate parents and educators, and actively participates in the discussion about the quality of education – all to encourage the society to take an active part in improving the available and given education.

Impact story

“Cesis New School” directly improves the quality of life in the region, attracting economically and socially active families, as well as new specialists and creating new jobs. More than 60 families who have chosen “Cesis New School” as their children's educational institution and Cesis as their place of residence have moved to Cēsis from other places in Latvia. The development of the Cesis New School is closely linked to the development plans of Cēsis and the region. The high quality of life of the population – including the availability of competitive and quality education – is also one of the strategic goals and long-term priorities set by Cēsis municipality.
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