SDG: 10

For You Dream Big and Change the World

Kassim Nagwere
I’m a refugee that managed to play for 2 national basketball teams, that is Sweden and Uganda. I made history by taking Uganda to the African Cup for the first time in 50 years. I have won the Swedish Championship as a coach and player. All my life I have succeeded against all odds, I want to share my knowledge and inspire people. Karma, I have gone through life with the motto “What you put your time into is what you get back.” I have applied that to everything from relationships, businesses, education and practice.


Drömstort (Dream Big) develops young leaders from socio-economically deprived areas in Stockholm and motivates youths to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. We do it through sports, culture, lectures and tutoring. All our activities are based from the participants’ goals and dreams, we act like mentors and provide them with resources that are necessary for them to achieve their dreams. Drömstort gives youths responsibility to lead activities and educate them on being role models for other children.

Impact story

Niko was 20 years old when she first encountered Drömstort. At the time she had lost hope of finding her way in the society; she had stopped playing basketball because she felt like she got mistreated. We started to ask her about things she would like to do. What she really wanted to do was to design clothes. However, her self-esteem and confidence was low so she didn’t believe that she was good enough. Every day we reminded her how awesome and wonderful she was, and at the end we convinced her to create one design she had in her head and now she is running her own clothes company in London standing on her own. “I’m thankful that Drömstort believed in me & my abilities. It gave me courage to take steps that I was too afraid to make.”
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