SDG: 3

If I can, so can you

Admir Lukacevic
Admir was born in 1983 in Bosnia and throughout half of his childhood he experienced war and trauma. In 1993, Admir came as a refugee to a segregated neighborhood in Landskrona, Sweden. The opportunities to become someone/something was not many. Even as a youngster, he could clearly see what the problem and the solution was and slowly began to develop an idea that he strongly believed in (in Sports Without Borders). At 2008 Amir received an awarde the from Swedish King for his amazing work with kids.


SWB wants all children to have the opportunity to shape their own future. In each school-class there are children who are not seen and confirmed which leads to low self-esteem and -confidence. There are children who fail to see opportunities for the future and who are in a high risk to end up in a destructive lifestyle. SWB enables children and young people to be seen and confirmed through good role models and meaningful activities in and after school. The target group is children from 10 to 15 years old.

Impact story

Today we reach over 26,000 kids every week through our collaboration with 97 primary schools. In every school we measure how much kids dare to be active, seen, fail, create social relations, and say no. In the most exposed areas we increased by 42% in those indicators above. We have also learned more than 1150 kids to swim. Our leaders (totally 66) got more sustainable on the labor market by having SWB as their first job ever. We have also shown municipalities and the society how much cost we can save by investing in kids.
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