SDG: 4

It is never too early to learn

Heidi Aabrekk & Elisabeth Hunnes
Being sisters we shared the experience of Heidi´s son who recovered from a brain injury at birth. Already working in the field of education, we realized how much more knowledge about the brains parents and professionals could use if it was more available. We decided to coordinate some of the knowledge about the first 1000 days and develop resources and tools for parents and caregivers to support their children’s development.


Our main goal is to inspire communities to invest in their youngest children by spending more time exploring the world through all their senses. Our tool, the Bravo-game, is implemented in families and kindergartens during the first 1000 days. A combination of sensory input, motor challenges and language games makes important work fun and exciting! We are celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2019 and are grateful for all the wonderful parents and kindergartens who make such a huge difference.

Impact story

Reports suggest that school teachers in our communities welcome children that have better vocabulary, reads earlier and shows great interest in learning when they start first and second grade. Around 34 000 children, since 2009, has been enjoying nutritious food, caring adults, sensory input and motor activities. Our experience confirms what science says; sensory stimulation builds in the brain and the brain grows stronger by use. Our kindergarten teachers report that the Bravo-game is easy to use, the kids love it and asks for it and they love to keep playing it because it seems to promote language development in a fun way.
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