SDG: 10

Just keep swimming

Giedrė Šopaitė-Šilinskienė
I had been working with social projects for 10 years when Lukas was born in 2015. He was 15 weeks too early and weighed just 860 gr. At the time there were no places to buy diapers for such small babies. After the hardest period, the idea was to share my experiences with other families. Every year in Lithuania 1700 babies are born, of which up to 250 are of very low weight. This is how emerged, and organization now embodies all my "superpowers" that I acquired by raising a special child.

Project is the first e-shop for early born babies in Lithuania where you can find all the most necessary care tools. gives all of its profit to families who have experienced premature delivery. provides free advice to parents with premature babies, invites the community to donate items and crutches that are handed over to hard-working families, and collects and publicizes all the most relevant information needed by premature families in the first year.

Impact story

Over 1.5 year we've provided 93 families with advice on premature care, rehabilitation and emotional support. We organized five events where we provided information to doctors and mothers about measures to facilitate early care and shared personal experiences. We donated four early critters to poor families, and we have provided support for the facilities and departments of hospital resuscitation and premature newborns. And most importantly, we are constantly expanding our range of premature products, providing advice to our customers, and gives a flexible and prompt delivery of goods. In 2017, 376 exclusive items were sold and 2018 sold 1121 items.
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