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The most beautiful about our system is that everyone can become anyone they want

Johan Wendt
During my studies at the institute of technology I tutored some children for free in mathematics. Several years later I was deeply depressed due to my boring career and it made me consider what truly makes me happy. My first thoughts where immediately drawn to the time when I tutored these children. Hence, I decided to quit my job as a risk analysist and founded my first non- profit organization: Mattecentrum.


Mattecentrum – Tutors children in mathematics for free all over Sweden. Approximately 500.000 children, or 50% av all children between 9-19 years old, studies with the organization every year.
Matematikcenter – Tutors children in mathematics for free all over Denmark. Approximately 400.000 children studies with the organization every year.
Kodcentrum – Tutors children in coding for free.
Ung autism - Gives free habilitation to children with autism while they are waiting in the line for habilitation from the municipals.
Barnens kalas – Children with autism are excluded from most social events in their life. Going to birthday parties are very rare since they seldom have friends. To highlight this exclusion I arranged a party, at the royal opera house, for 200 children with autism.

Impact story

Mattecentrum has become the largest afterschool program in Europe and after decades of decreasing knowledge in math among Swedish youth the trend has finally changed, much thanks to the organization and its fantastic volunteers.
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