SDG: 10

Often to do something that isn't in your comfort zone

Rita Žogelė
I have a mother with disability. For several years I was isolated because I thought that people would not talk to me if they knew about my mother’s disability. I have only told my story about my mother's disability in the pitch night that was organized by Reach for Change. Nowadays I feel good when I teach children with special needs to dance. It is great to have the possibility to inspire other people.


I initiate and organize dance activities for children with special needs. These dance lessons improve posture, physics and brain condition, sensomotoric and social skills. I do not only conduct dance lessons but also works for a better integration in society. The organization "Unikalus šokis" organize various events that help to communicate more about children with special needs and help them to be full-fledged members of the society.

Impact story

I'm going to do some interviews about impact. But even now I hear from my dancers that this activity has a positive impact on their life and that they feel good in this community.
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