SDG: 10

The power of trust creates moments of magic

Ingeborg Omdal Lykseth
Ingeborg Lykseth, owner and founder of Lyk-z and Daughters, has always had her focus on empowering children and youth to be able to be happy, active and independent. She has an universal perspective in everything she does. She is rewarded as a Paul Harris Fellow in appreciation of the tangible and significant assistance she has given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations among peoples of the word. The company meets several of the UN sustainable development goals (1,2,2,4,10).


Lyk-z methodology FROG is a successful leadership program for youth at risk. The program empowers the participants, evokes their self-esteem and true identity. The result is a better self-confidence, life mastery and vigor. The company is driven by social impact and the service has shown great results and has been measured since 2014. A total of 75 % has changed their life and returned to school, education and work. The impact of the training is also less mental challenges and less medication after participation.

Impact story

Father about his son (age 21):
“For the first time in four years we experience that our son has made a decision to make a change. He has defined his goals for the future and shows a genuine will to achieve them. We have tried and tested several services like PPT, family counseling, psychologist specialists, both public and private services, with no results. It is therefore challenging to convey the change we see in our son, without being perceived as a solid bluff and an exaggeration. But this is true! It is difficult to express how much this means to us as parents and how grateful we are.”
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