SDG: 4

Schools need to support pupils in taking part of society, not protecting them from it

Lotta Bergseth & Jenny Sköld
Jenny and Lotta have long experience of journalistic work on various editions. In their jobs they increasingly met young people who did not trust journalists and the media. They started to think about how they could empower young people with media and information skills and at the same time get young people's perspectives and stories to get a larger space in the daily social debate.


Mobile Stories offers a publishing tool that educates young people in media and information literacy, source criticism and language. Young people get space, tools and support to produce and publish school tasks in the form of professional articles on a digital platform. Through this, young people have the opportunity to make their voices heard and influence an audience outside the classroom. Mobile Stories wants all young to have the ability to navigate in an increasingly complex media landscape.

Impact story

Ibrahim attends the language introduction program at a high school in Sweden. Through a project with Mobile Stories he got the opportunity to interview youths with a background different than his own, and he also got to work with tools that guided him in writing and publishing articles. Ibrahim says, "It was a good opportunity for me to develop the language and meet a new friend. We have been chatting with each other after the interview as well. I'm not used to talking to new people, but this project has made me feel less shy and dare to talk to others." David who got the chance to interview Ibrahim wrote in his article: "What started out as a nervous first meeting ended with a newly found friend."
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