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Seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness

Henri Valvanne
Henri became seriously ill and was hospitalized ten years ago. He was stuck in his hospital bed unable to move, speak or see. The only thing that was working was his mind. The doctors did not understand what was happening to him. But he was lucky and survived. After this experience Henri decided that he would find a way to help people. Based on his own struggles in trying to get help for mental health issues, he was determined to make it easier for others to get help.


With Minduu, finding a psychotherapist that matches your needs is made easy and simple. Minduu offers relevant information about therapists displayed in a way that is useful for the customer and makes it effortless to book a time online. Minduu is used by 600 therapists and handles over 20,000 inquiries yearly. They also help the public sector in referring patients into therapy through dedicated search platforms. For example, Minduu cooperates with the biggest hospital district in Finland (HUS).

Impact story

Henri’s own personal experiences led him to create Minduu and become a social entrepreneur: “Few of years ago I suffered from severe social anxiety and felt miserable. The situation got so bad that I was desperate to get professional help and tried to find a psychotherapist. But I kept running into these endless lists that only offered the name, number and email of the therapist. It was incredibly frustrating to find an available and suitable therapist. I decided that something needs to be done. That is why we created Minduu so that people can get help when they need it the most. I’ve actually used Minduu myself and started psychotherapy which has helped me tremendously”.
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