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Talk to elderly people. They know cool stuff

Anne Stine Hole
Anne Stine Hole from Oslo, Norway, founded Generation M (Generasjon M) together with Christina Nergaard when she was 17 years old. At the time, there was a nursing home across the street from their school, and Anne Stine noticed that many elders were inactive during the days. Additionally, Anne Stine and her friends struggled to get a part time job. The solution to these two challenges seemed clear: young people should regularly visit nursing homes as their part time job, to activate and make the elderly less lonely.


Generation M aims to provide job opportunities for youth and tend to the needs of the elderly. Generation M offers part time jobs to youths in the ages of 14 - 20, who in turn make weekly visits to inactive and lonely elderly in nursing and private homes. Today more than 85 youths works for Generation M, visiting more than 20 nursing homes every week.

Impact story

Dina - from the outskirts of Oslo - was 14 when she first started looking for a part time job. Generation M visited Dina’s school looking for more teens to join their team. Dina applied and was immediately offered a part time position to visit a nursing home close to where she lives: “When I was offered a job at Generation M I was so surprised. There are so many age restrictions, especially in my country, that says you need to be at least 16 and sometimes even 18, to apply”, Dina says. Three years later she still works at Generation M where she is now a junior-manager, and Dina has no plans of leaving.
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