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We are all messed up sometimes, don´t worry, everything will be ok

Satu Sutelainen
Satu Sutelainen is a Finnish professional who has worked in multiple NGOs running services in the field of crises work, volunteer work and online and phone counselling. She holds a Master of Social Services and is a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner. Additionally, Satu has studied Leadership, Solution-Focused Therapy and Schema Therapy. Her goal is to make Finland a place where no youth has to be alone with feeling bad or having problems with mental health.


Sekasin-chat is a chat service for youth coordinated by the Finnish Association for Mental Health, and it is run together with several NGOs . Today, over 600 counsellors of social service professionals and trained volunteers staff and provide answers on the Sekasin-chat.

Impact story

Every single young person should have someone to talk to. However, this is not the case for many youths. Sekasin-chat was opened so that youth would have a place where they could talk about mental health issues, suicidal thoughts, problems in their relationships or any crises they might have in their life. Free of charge, every single day of the year, from morning till midnight. We want every youth to feel that they are worth something, are valuable just as they are, and that we see the good in them. We are not afraid to talk about difficult subjects - we are there to help them to find the strength within them, and if needed, the next place and person who can continue the path with them.
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