SDG: 4

We can dream big if we dream with others – that’s what makes life beautiful

Claudio A. Rivera
Claudio grew up in Argentina, but he is based in Latvia since 2004. Throughout his career, Claudio has developed skills in consulting, training and research on leadership, education and social entrepreneurship. His main interest is to help young people develop their leadership skills, and he has been working on it extensively in formal and non-formal education. Claudio has launched several organizations and projects within established institutions.


Go Beyond is a youth development program in Latvia which was created for young people and by young people in order to help them develop their leadership, social skills and empower them to overcome their limits. Go Beyond is a 7-month program which consists of three main parts: a four-day personal development seminar, social projects in teams and individual projects. Participants develop their skills through the planning and implementation of projects that have a real impact on society.

Impact story

Claudio started this project with a group of students in 2011. The program became very noticeable early on, mainly since GoBeyond has not only benefited its participants but also integrated hundreds of people into the program through its different projects. The main keys to success were: a) GoBeyond is entirely run by its own Alumni. This boosts the participants sense of ownership of initiative. b) GoBeyond focuses on improving the level of self-awareness of the participants through activities that encourage reflection. c) GoBeyond fosters the engagement of the participants in solving real social problems.
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