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What if all we changed was the way we teach?

Mehis Pärn
Enterprise Village & Bizplay
I grew up in a family where my dad was a culture worker, and my mother a teacher. I have a bachelor's degree in political science. What impacted me the most were my summer training camps, where I had to manage with the money my parents gave me for over two weeks. Or when I sold coffee with my friends to earn money for traveling abroad to competitions. These kinds of experiences gave me the freedom and responsibility to try, fail, and keep trying, something I value to this day.


Enterprise Village offers educational games to students in Tartu. Our games combine emotion-based learning from games with real-world concepts such as economics and running a business. We began by just trying out games in education to see how well it would work. Today, we are one of the biggest educational game providers in Estonia. To keep reaching towards our mission, we are becoming an ed-tech startup and creating game packages that can be played all over the world.

Impact story

Over the last three years, over 8000 students have experienced our games. It's common to see students’ eyes lit up by the end of the game and already longing for the next time they can play. Even we are surprised by what barriers our games break. In the past, we've had a bully and their victim work side by side in a team. We've heard from teachers that kids' communication skills have improved notably. Students who haven't talked with each other in school have become friends. Learners have improved their leadership skills and become braver. Of the 10 000 students who have played our games, only 5-10 have felt bored. The next step is to take this out of Tartu onto the global market.
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