SDG: 4

What if there is nothing wrong with our children? What if the problem is the way we teach?

Tore Neergaard Kjellow
When Tore grew up, he was fond of games and pop-culture, but he never cared for school. It never felt like the school was meant for him.
There are a lot of students out there who feel like he felt, and too few of them get where they want to be in life. Tore believes we can change that by changing the way we teach. With a combined background in IT and social education, he devoted his life to change the lives of all students by creating a meaningful and engaging school for the future.


The School at Play-project is about transforming the way we teach using games, analogue gamification and narrative theories. The unique School at Play-approach has been studied by Aalborg University for years, and the research clearly shows that the approach diminishes the pressure of schooling and increases well-being with at-risk students. Ultimately, the aim is to improve the student’s engagement in social and curricular activities, and link this with 21st century skills.

Impact story

Marianne is the mother of Mark who entered a School at Play-class after a string of failed school experiences. “My son has been so lucky to have been taught by Tore at the Columbus school. That man can work miracles with students! My son made a complete U-turn, and suddenly got really focused on getting a proper education. He felt that what he was being taught was meaningful to him, and he grew confident about his own skills and his ability to make it. Before that, school was a constant conflict and zero learning. I sincerely hope that a lot more teachers will incorporate The School at Play-approach, because that would mean that there is a chance for everybody to get a proper education!”
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