SDG: 4

Winners Never Quit. Quitters Never Win

Jakob Friis
Jakob is a young entrepreneur that has an international background from living in Thailand, Oman and Denmark. Jakob knew early on that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Thus, during Jakob's time at university and at the age of 18 he started the social business Meptek which has now blossomed into a successful business that helps teenagers around the world to develop their social competences through virtual reality.


Meptek provides workshops and courses that help teenagers develop their social competences in cooperation with the technology of virtual reality. During these courses we build up their self-esteem, teach them presentation skills, improve their academic level and help them realise goals so they can achieve their full potential.

Impact story

Caroline was 15 years old when she first participated in one of Meptek's learning courses. Caroline was nervous and felt extremely stressed about talking to other people, exams, social activities and life in general. After attending our full course, she says "I feel so much better talking in front of others and I am much more confident, I believe in myself and I am much more prepared for my upcoming examinations. Before being on this course I really didn’t believe that I could achieve and become anything but now that has completely changed.”
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