SDG: 4

Working towards more fun and active school days by empowering children to take charge of technology

Aviaja Borup Lynggaard
Lynggaard's background lies in the field of industrial design and interaction design in relation to products with technology, where her main focus has been on the social interaction between people, especially children. She is a tech entrepreneur, holds a Ph.D., and is the inventor of Hopspots – an interactive learning tool designed to make school teaching more physically active and fun. Lynggaard is the CEO and Founder of Child Experience Design ApS, the company that produces Hopspots.


Hopspots in an interactive learning tool designed to combine learning with movement in schools. With an app for iPad, a speaker unit and 12 physical spots that register touch and light up in different colors, you can play different educational games. The games challenge children in movement, cognitive training, language learning etc., and allow children to become digital co-creators when making their own games in the app. Thus, Hopspots can be adapted to fit any age, subject and academic level.

Impact story

There are currently almost 100 sets of Hopspots distributed in institutions (daycare, primary school, SENs, healthcentres, therapies etc.) all over Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Qatar and Dubai. The feedback from customers is very positive, no matter the type of institution. Users love Hopspots and find that it covers so many different needs. One great case is a special needs school in Bornholm. The children in the school think Hopspots is fun and exciting to use, and the staff have experienced that the children are able to stay focused much longer and learn new things easier thanks to Hopspots.
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