SDG: 11

You always have the choice to be a part of the problem or the solution

Anne Dubrau
Anne is a social and green entrepreneur who loves innovation, sustainability & new challenges. She is the founder of two successful social enterprises in Norway: and Originally from Germany, she came to Norway to study and is now firmly settled there with her family. She sees connections and possibilities for collaboration in all aspects of her work, and is passionate about environmental issues, inclusion and solving great challenges.


Vollebekk fabrikker (Factories) - Green Production and Recycling. The Factory is a temporary venue for development and incubation of innovative solutions within reuse, repair and green production. They offer production and office spaces for low rent to local people, businesses and green/social entrepreneurs. This temporary venue stimulates sustainable town development by supporting and fronting circular economy, social entrepreneurship and local community.

Impact story

The factory has been operating for one year, and is currently housing 33 green and social entrepreneurs. In its first year, Vollebekk contributed with 120 tons waste reduction in the form of building materials, textiles, fabrics, furniture and coffee grains. The Factory provides work training and placement for young people who fall outside the work and education system, people with mental health issues and former inmates. It provides a collaboration arena between the public, private and social sector, as well as between social entrepreneurs. At Vollebekk Fabrikker 1+1=5 or more!
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