SDG: 10

You do not need to live the life that others expect of you

Muhammad Fawzi Jarkass - Mudi
Mudi is born and raised in the inner neighborhood of Nørrebro but has roots in Jordan. He is a graduate engineer from the Technical University of Denmark, but has never got comfortable with formal shirts and briefcases. Instead, Mudi preferred to meet and work with people from his own neighborhood and especially help vulnerable youths to dream big. The last 10 years he has worked as a social worker, always focusing on helping the next generation.


FRAK is a social enterprise that facilitates job-readiness training for at-risk youth from socially disadvantaged neighborhoods. We provide teens aged 13-17 years with a wide range of paid after-school work opportunities. Our aim is to strengthen their social and work skills by introducing them to the written and unwritten rules of the labor market. We believe that work is the key to a brighter future for young people on the edge of the society.

Impact story

Yahya is 14 years old and lives in Nørrebro. His family background is vulnerable and chaotic with e.g. two brothers holding high ranks within a local criminal gang. He was almost kicked out of school and has very little structure and supportive relations in his life. He started his work training program at FRAK in January 2018. Yahya was 13 years old at the time. Now, Yahya thrives in FRAK where he respects the rules and structure while working. He appreciates the fact that he is met as a worker and not as a potential gang member. He is met with positive expectations. FRAK provides Yahya with paid working hours at a local bricklayer company and at our mobile sales kiosk at a nursing home.
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