SDG: 4

You don't have to wait to finish studies at school or university in order to start to act, to do what you like, to make money and benefit society

Aleksandrs Morozovs
I was 29, had a stable and high-paid job, but instead I preferred to do what I like and what benefits society. Therefore, it all begun by organizing leisure time for my little brother. We were 5 youngsters and we were hiking, watching movies, travelling abroad. After 1,5 years, we were 25 people and we decided to organize an event for brothers and sisters. We did different workshops of origami, juggling, dancing and painting for around 20 teenagers. It was special because 15-year-old youngsters organised and lead it.


Youth center of social entrepreneurship is a place where young people can do what they like and make their hobbies into professions. The mission of Young Folks is that every young person could have opportunity to self-fulfil as individuals, find their favourite activity, gain money and be happy.

Impact story

We started as a group of five teenagers and now the organisation has 20 leaders and 180 participants from 12 to 25 years old, as well as children from 2 to 12 years old, parents and friends; the total number of participants of the youth organisation exceeds 1000 people. The participants of Young Folks notice changes in themselves, such as being more confident about themselves, their future, being more responsible and tolerant. This is a result of participating, organizing and holding many different events, meetings, classes, workshops etc., where young people can teach each other and share knowledge.
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