SDG: 10

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world

Sandra Kinnaman Nordström
Sandra grew up in an international and intercultural environment in Stockholm, where no suburb felt too distant or different. With classmates from all over the globe, speaking different languages and belonging to different cultures was the norm. This awoke a big interest in our cultural similarities and differences as she pursued a career in social anthropology and leadership studies, developing an area of expertise in working with youth who live in different forms of exclusion.


The Good Talents identifies and strengthens young talents through programs in leadership and social entrepreneurship in areas where there is a large unleashed potential. The youth develop ideas that solves local challenges and skills valued at the labor market. The Good Talents also creates and facilitates workshops and encounters between groups that usually do not meet. They want their activities to bridge the gap between young talents in vulnerable communities and the labor market.

Impact story

Raoda, 17: One exercise I remember is the happiness challenge, when we were supposed to find people around the center and make them happy. It challenged me to leave my comfort zone. After The Good Talents I feel like I can influence my life in more ways than before. I have a broader network of people I can reach out to and I got a mentor who has helped me in many ways. I wanted to do a project about music and he set up meetings for me at Spotify and record labels. Sometimes we also meet to just hang out and talk. I wouldn’t have had these opportunities without The Good Talents. Youth are not prioritized in all spaces, so it is important to know someone who helps you open doors.
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